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A working Knowledge of PaintShopPro is assumed.

Download Mehdi's free Plugins HERE

My supplies HERE

Much like Kyoto Color, Mehdi Kaleidoscope has a counterpart in Psp.

You will find that this plugin is fairly simple

and has a randomize button.

I have found countless uses for it.

Extract to your Mehdi Kaleidoscope to your plugins folder.

Re-start psp for it to take effect.

Open the gold_mosaic pattern and the ellipse

psp image to your desktop.Export the red_bead as a tube.

Set your foreground pattern to gold_mosaic and

the background to null.

Make the 'ellipse image active by clicking on it.

Image-Canvas size 500x500 pixels. Click OK.

Effects-Mehdi Kaleidoscope with these settings.

Click OK.


Right click the top of your layer in the layer pallette

and choose duplicate.

Make sure your duplicate layer is highlighted.

Image-Rotate-Free Rotate-45.00, all layers unchecked.

It does not matter if the rotate is left or right.

Layers-Merge Visible.

Now would be a good time to save.

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