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Selection-Select All.Selections Float.Selections Defloat.

Using the floodfill tool and the gold_mosaic pattern,

floodfill two or three times.

Do not de-select.

Effects-3D-drop shadow with the following settings.

De-select, Adjust-Sharpen.

To make the clock, your foreground should still

be set to gold_mosaic, background to null.

Click on the preset shapes and choose 'ellipse with these settings.

Holding down the shift key draw out a large circle.


Right click the highlighted layer in your palette

and choose Convert to Raster.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow using the same settings.*

Repeat the above but make a smaller circle.

This is what you should have now.

My circles are red to make them clearer for you to see.

Using the Selection tools-Selection-Rounded Rectangle.

Pull out a narrow rectangle from the top of the large circle to the center

of the clock. Using the floodfill tool, fill with the gold_mosaic.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow with the same settings.

Right click this layer in the palette and choose duplicate.

Using the Deform Tool move the hand to set the clock.

Use the move tool to line both hands up at the bottom.

New raster layer. Use the Selection Tool-Circle and pull

out a very small circle where both hand meet.Effects-3D-Drop Shadow

with the same settings.

Add a new Raster layer.

Select the red_bead tube and add the time markers

around the clock face. You may of course prefer to add letters

or numerals to decorate the face.

To add the same background to the clock face

add a new raster layer. Using the selection tool,

pull out a circle the same size as your largest ring.

I used a gradient with these setting but there are many

other possibilities you might like to try.

Floodfill the circle. Layers-Arrange-Send to bottom.


Use the Mover-Tool to place accurately.

If you are happy with your image then

Layers-Merge-Merge Visible.

This is just one idea using Mehdi Kaleidoscope.

Much Like my Valentine Lace tutorial, you

can try using it on many images.

Below Is another example.

Have fun.

A simple border brushed with a light colour.

Using Mehdi Kaleidescope turns it into a lace frame.

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