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A digital painting I did from an old photo

An Introduction

Hi my name is Anita. I live in the England.
Computers have been a passion of mine for over 20 years.
This love affair began with a Sinclair 48k ZX Spectrum.
Can you imagine now, only having 48k to program with.
It was amazing just what was possible.

I have been using Psp since finding a copy on a cover CD-Rom 6 years ago.
In 2001 I was fortunate enough to join Prestigious Psp
and I will be forever grateful for the four years I spent with them.
The Prestigious Dames, sadly now disbanded taught me so much.
Some of their tutorials are still hosted Here

Recently I have been learning with the Budding Html Gurus.
An experience I have found both exciting and rewarding
I would recomend this course to anyone who is interested
in hand coding their web pages.
Budding HTML Gurus

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