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Open a new raster layer and call it 'mesh'.

Effects-Plugins-Sinedots 11.

Using the box at the bottom, click Open and find the sb_Curve1 cfg file and open.

click on the little arrow and choose sb_LatticeSphere1 from the drop down menu.

Accept the default settings. Click Ok.

If the colour is not white,click in the colour box and change it.

Selections-Select all. Selections-Float. Selections-Modify

Expand by 1. Floodfill with white. You may need to zoom

in to see what you are doing.

Effects-Plugins Bladepro. Choose Dee's Amber shimmer.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow with these settings.

Horiz and Vert=1, Opacity=60,Blur=0 colour #9D380B.

Effects-Sharpen-Sharpen more.


Now would be a good time to save.

This is what you should have so far.

Open a new Raster Layer and call it 'stand'. Load the stand selection

from disk. Floodfill with white.

Effects-Plugin Filters-Flaming Pear-SuperBladePro.

Select Dee's Amber Shimmer Preset. Effects-Sharpen-Sharpen More.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow with the following settings:-

Colour #A53103. Horiz 1 Vert 1 Opac 100 Blur 3.7.

Deselect. Save.

Okay now we can add the jewels.

Open a new image 100x100 transparent. Floodfill this with a dark colour

to make it easier to see what you are working on.

Add a new Raster Layer.

Set your foreground and background to #FFFFFF(White).

Select your Preset Shapes and choose a flower shape. I chose

Flower 7. Pull out the shape to fill about half of your canvas.

Convert to Raster. Using your Magic Wand click on the canvas to select

your flower. Selections-Invert.

Effects-Plugin Filters-SuperBladePro. Choose Dee's Amber Shimmer.

Effects-Sharpen-Sharpen More.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow. Use the same settings as before.

Add a new Raster Layer.

Use your Selection tool to add a small circle in the middle.

Floodfill with white and use a BladePro preset that you like.

It is best to choose something bright and gem like.

You may prefer to set a jewel tube in the center.

When you are satisfied, merge visible layers and tube.

I have provided the pearl and the gold link for

you to use if you require them.

Set your tube to 45%. When you make images small they

lose some of their clarity and colour, so when I completed

my decoration I used the Effects-Enhance Photo-Automatic Saturation

with these settings.

Put each of your first four gems on a separate layer then

X out the egg layer and Merge visible when you are pleased with

the placing of your gems.

This way you can decorate in groups of four.

I did the same with my pearls.

The pearl ornament at the top is optional. I

wanted to place something at the top to just finish

my egg.

If you have tubed it, place it on a new Raster layer

and posistion it in the middle.

Otherwise activate the ornament by clicking on it.

Copy then Paste as a new layer.

When you have decorated your egg merge visible layers and SAVE.

I hope you have enjoyed making this egg.

If you have any problems with my tutorial, do not

hesitate to mail me.

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