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Welcome to my Easter Plaque Tutorial

This is what we are going to make.

This tutorial was done using Ver 6 .02 but I am

confidant that it will work in later versions

with a few adjustments.


Paintshop Pro. Download an evaluation copy


Superbladepro. Download an evaluation copy


Plaque zip


Put the Easter.jdg into your psp Gradient folder.

The three remaining psp images minimize on

your workspace.

Put your selections into your 'Selections' folder.

If you do not have one, open a 'New Folder'

and name it 'Selections'.

Dee's 'Gold Glass' Bladepro preset which

she has kindly given me permission to

offer for download.


Unzip to your Bladepro enviroments and texture


Okay Lets get started!

Remember to SAVE often.

Step 1. Open a new image 400x400 transparent

16 million colours, flood fill with black so you

can see what you are doing . Open the 'squiggles'image

and copy and paste as a new layer.

Click on Images-Effects-Kaleidoscope and

use these settings.

Your image should look like this:

I have done my images in black so that

they show more clearly.

Step 2. Using your 'selection tool' make a circle

on this layer using the centre of the inner circle

and draw it out just to the edge of the the inner


Then hit Delete. Deselect. Ctrl+D

Click Selections-Select All, Selections-Float.

Click Floodfill and choose Linear Gradient.

with these settings.

Floodfill the lace pattern.

Step 3. Click Images-Effects-Inner Bevel with

these settings.

Apply this inner bevel twice. Deselect. Ctrl+D

Now would be a good time to SAVE.




Graphics ©Copyrighted Prestigious Dames & Prestigious PSP 2002 
Tutorials are ©Copyrighted by each Author