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Step 4. Add a new raster layer. Open 'ellipse.sel' from disk.

Using the same settings as we did to floodfill the lace

pattern. Floodfill the ellipse selection. Add a new raster

layer. Open 'border1.sel' from disk and again using

the same settings, floodfill with gradient.

Keep selected.

Click Images-Effects-Blinds and apply

with these settings.

Width-5. Opacity-12. Colour Black.

Leave Horizontal unchecked. Check Light from

the Left/Top. Choose Ok and keep selected.

Click Images-Effects-Inner bevel and use the

same setting twice. Keep selected.

Click Images-Effects-Drop shadow

and apply with these settings.


Opacity 100, Blur 3.2

Horiz 0, Vert o.

Deselect. CTRL-D

Step 5. Add a new raster layer and choose

'border2.sel' from disk. Floodfill and apply inner

as before. Keep selected and apply Drop Shadow

with the same settings. Deselect. CTRL-D

Make 'border1' layer active.

Click Layer-Arrange-Bring to the top.

Step 6. Make layer 2 your lace layer active.

Using the 'Deformation Tool' Move the sides

of your lace in and pull the top and bottom

out a bit until it looks similar to mine.

Click 'Apply'

Using your 'Magic Wand' RGB and a Tolerance

of 35. Click the outside of your lace. Selections-Invert.

Selections-Modify-Expand and put 6 pixels in.

Click OK. Add a new Raster Layer and drag it

beneath your lace layer and floodfill with white.

Image-Plug-in Filters-Bladepro. Select 'Gold Glass'

and apply.

Selections-Modify-Contract and again choose

6 pixels. Hit Delete and Deselect. Ctrl-D

Image-Sharpen-Sharpen More.

Now would be a good time to SAVE.

Step 7. Make your 'Ellipse' layer active. Select

'Cross' psp image and Copy and Paste as a new

layer, using your 'Mover Tool' center it if

necessary. I have already added a drop shadow.

Select 'Fuchia' psp image and Copy and Paste as a

new layer. Using your 'Mover' tool

place on the center of the cross.

Selections-Select All

Selections-Float. Image-Effects-Drop Shadow

with these settings:-

Opacity-53 Blur 3.2

Horiz and Vert 2. Colour Black.

Deselect. Ctrl-D.

Click on the glasses on your bottom layer that

we floodfilled at the beginning to turn it off.

Layers-Merge visible.

That's it Finished, I do hope you enjoyed

doing my tutorial as much as I did writing it.



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