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Christmas Ornament

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Everyone has their own way of doing highlights

for globes. I like to use the Bezier Tool. I can almost hear a few saying 'Oh no!'

I promise it's a great tool and this is sooo easy.

Set both Foreground and Background to White.

Highlight your merged layer.Selections-Select all, Selections-Float.

Add a new Raster layer and name it 'highlight'

Select the Draw Tool and choose Bezier Curve. Width=2. Antialaise checked.

Draw a diagonal line as I have in the image below. Then click where I have placed

my red dot. Roughly the center. Click again to set it.

Keep selected and on the same layer draw a smaller line diagonally

opposite. Click a the same as with the first one. Keep selected.

Effects-Blur_Gaussien Blur. 10.00

I love the way that the highlight gives the bauble more depth.

Open a new Raster Layer, call it 'cage'.Goto Effects-Plugins-Dragonfly-Sinedots 11.

Using the box at the bottom, click Open and find the sb_Curve1 cfg file and open.

click on the little arrow and choose sb_LatticeSphere1 from the drop down menu.

Accept the default settings. Click Ok.

Your lattice circle is much bigger than the bauble but I found doing it smaller

made it look faded. Selections-Select All. Selections-Float.

Selections_ Modify. Expand by 1. Flood this with White.

Effects-Plugins-Flaming Pear-SuperBladePro.

Select my 'silverfoil2' preset.

Effects Sharpen-Sharpen More. This is another of my favourite tools.

It can lift a preset to an extra level of sparkle. Deselect.

Using your Deformation Tool

Fit the lattice snugly around your bauble. Effects Sharpen-Sharpen.

Open your 'Beads' image. Choose 'Copy' from the Edit menu. Then right click the blue

bar at the top of your image and choose Paste as a new Layer. Effects-Sharpen-

Sharpen. You may need to line it up using the Mover Tool.

When you are satisfied choose Layers-Merge visible.

Move your image down to leave room for our hanger and bow.

Open a new raster Layer.

Using Preset Shapes draw out an ellipse vertically, similar in shape to my image.

Hold down the Ctrl key then click and hold your left cursor on the corner of

the vector object. Continuing to hold both pull the bottom towards the center

as I have.

Right click on the 'Hanger layer in your layer palette and select,

Convert to Raster.

Using your Magic Wand click and select. Selections-Invert. Hit the delete key to

remove the black outline.

Floodfill selection with White. Effects-Plugins-Flaming Pear-SuperBladepro,

Use the 'silverfoil2' preset.

Selections-Modify-Contract 3. Hit the delete key. Deselect.

Before moving the hanger into place, open your 'Bow' image and Click Edit-Copy.

Then right click the blue highlighted bar at the top of your image and select

Paste as a new layer.

You will need to adjust the size using the 'Deformation Tool'

Sit the bow on top of the bauble and highlight the 'hanger' layer. Layer-Arrange-Send

to the bottom. Center your hanger, when you are satisfied,

Merge visible layers.

That's it I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you have any problems with my tutorial please don't hesitate to E-Mail me.

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