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In order to decorate this lace I decided to make use of the

ideas I had already tried, just a little differently.

Supplies HERE

Export the daisy as a tube and open the bow on your workspace.

Open a new blank canvas 400x400 transparent.

Make your bow the active image and click this icon

to copy it. Now make your blank canvas the active image.

Right click the bar at the top and choose:-

Paste as a new layer from the drop down menu.

Once again use the same Kaleidescope settings.

This is what you should have now.

I save everything lol... so SAVE now.

Using the Erase tool remove the little star in the middle.

Click the copy Icon.

Now open up the original lace image.

Right click the top and choose:-Paste as a new layer.

Using the Deform tool, nudge the ribbon wreath in towards

the middle so it looks similar to mine.

I have added the bow at the top left on a separate layer.

Before you go any further add a small drop shadow

to the wreath and the bow.

Now you can decide if you would like to change the colour.

Do each layer individually. When you are happy with your image

SAVE before you move on.

Make your top(bow)layer active and add a new Raster layer.

Open the Tube tool and locate the daisy.

Change the Scale to 10.

Decorate the ribbon wreath. Adjust-Sharpen-Sharpen.

If you would like to put one in the bow center, add a new Raster layer.

This time make the Scale 30 add the same drop shadow.

Sharpen once.

All done? Layer-Merge-Merge visible.

One last thing the pretty font is available


I do hope you have enjoyed this rather long tutorial

as much as I have creating it.



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