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Effects-Reflection-Kaleidescope with the following settings.

Selection-Select All, Selections-Float.

Effects-3D-Drop Shadow with the following settings.

(if you have chosen a different colour be sure to use a little darker

shade for your drop shadow-a muted one works well)

Using your eraser with the following settings:-

Erase the small star in the middle of your lace.

Remember to SAVE

Go to Image-Canvas size and make your size 410 pixels

for both width and height. Click OK.

This is just to make it easier to select the outside.

Highlight your bottom layer(colour) and floodfill with your

background colour to completely cover the new size canvas.

Make sure your top(lace) layer is active.

Using the Magic Wand with the following settings:-

click outside the lace. Selections-Invert.

Selections-Modify-Contract by 5 pixels. Click OK.

Do not deselect.

Add a new Raster layer and floodfill with foreground colour.

Layers-Arrange-Move Down.

Effect-Texture-Blinds. Width=2 Opacity=18

Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked colour 5C613B

Repeat Blinds again and uncheck Horizontal.

Lower the opacity of this layer to 44.

If there are small areas of this layer showing around the edges

use the Deformation tool to nudge them in a little.

X out the bottom(colour)layer. Make your lace layer

active- Layers-Merge-Merge Visible.


Remember to SAVE

Ok so we have the basic lace, on the next page are

some ideas for decorating.

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