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Page 3.

Hide the Bezier layer by clicking on the glasses.

Right click on layer 3, convert to Raster.

Step 11. Nearly there....!

Go to Selections-Select All, Selections -Float.

Floodfill with a bright colour and use the same

Inner Bevel twice.

Image-Effects-Drop Shadow with these settings.

Opacity-100 Blur 4

Vert -1 Horiz 0

Deselect Ctrl-D

Layers-Merge-Merge Visible.

Now it is time to add a figure to your Balloon.

Add a new layer Layers-Arrange-Send to the bottom.

Paste or tube an occupant for your balloon on

this layer, you may need to use the deformation

tool to size up or down.

Layers-Merge-Merge Visible

I have put Marie in mine with Doneta's Permission.

I do so hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.

If you have any problems, you

can always Email me.

Please feel free to take the image below

as a gift.

This is my Prestigious Park Picture.


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